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How to install Hurricane Hinges

One of the most important features on your Teardrop is the Hinge on the kitchen hatch.

This is where you're most likely to let water in. We've found that the Hurricane hinge is the best hinge when making sure that your hatch door is secure and water tight

Here is how we fit the Hurricane hinge.

On the photo the left part of the hinge is the part that gets fitted to the body of the Tear-drop screwed down from the top with about 25mm flat sitting on the skin which gives a nice wide seal.

The plastic insert that comes supplied with the hinge covers the screws and makes it look tidy. You can get those inserts in black.

The right hand part of the hinge in the photo is the part that goes on the kitchen door luggage lid and it is screwed horizontally in the front of the lid so those screws sit hidden in a dry place out of sight.

The gap you need between the body and the lid is 8 mm for the hinge.

First let’s fit the hinge part that goes on the body. Make sure you cut it about 10mm longer on each

side as your body is wide. The hinge will hang over the sidewalls and no water get’s in the ends.

Here you see how to cut the end of the hinge and fold the flap down the sidewalls after the hinge is screwed on. Use plenty of Sikaflex under the hinge and make sure all surfaces are clean and free of any greasy stuff.

Here you see how we create a little gutter so no water will sit there and find a way in, it works beautiful.

The flap that will stay out will blow any water away from the end of the hinge while driving in the rain so that makes it even more waterproof.

Now we fit the other part of the hinge to the lid and cut it to the length between the sidewalls.

Again, plenty of sikaflex on clean surfaces.

We found if we take care and fit the hinges as described we never had any problems.

To order a Hurricane Hinge from us click Here

Reproduced with permission and thanks from Reiner at Aussie Teardrop Campers


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