Order Time & Availability

Do you have anything ready for immediate sale?
Generally no. All our J-Drop Campers are built to order. But feel free to contact us - we may have some in inventory.

What is the currently lead time?
3-4 months. We will update this as it changes.

When can I expect my J-Drop to be completed?
We strive to maintain a very high standard of quality and do not wish to rush the production of J-Drop Camper and risk releasing a sub-par product. We ask for your patience during the waiting period and appreciate your support. We cannot guarantee a completion date for your J-Drop Camper; we do our best to move the J-Drop Camper through production as expediently as possible, but there are many possible delays that are out of our control. We strongly recommend that you do not schedule any travel plans  until your Camper is completed.

Can you ship J-Drops?
Yes, talk to us about shipping your J-Drop Camper and we can discuss pricing and options.

Ordering & Logistics

How do I order?
You can contact us direct through web, email or phone. We will contact you 1-2 business days after your submission to follow up with questions. Once you are happy with your build details and ready to finalise your order, we require a deposit and signed Purchase Agreement to secure your position in the build queue.

Can I choose my own colours?
The Aluminium exterior and kitchen bench can be your colour choice, ask us about the colour range. There are also options on extras you can add to your J-Drop camper e.g. upgraded mattress, awnings ..etc

How much deposit is required?
All J-Drops require an initial deposit, a 'half way' finished payment, and the completed payment once you take ownership. The initial deposit is due up front to secure your position in the build queue. All three payments are divided equally.

Is there a Warranty on my J-Drop?

We offer a 2 year warranty to the original owner on all J-Drop made components, including the frame, body, cabinetry, etc.. and a 1 year warranty on separately warranted components. Many of our products, including the hob burner, water pump, roof racks, tires, etc.. include their own manufacturers warranty. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, road or trail damage, neglect, or misuse.

What if I cancel my order?
We offer a 100% refund on your deposit until the day your trailer is actioned.

What should I expect on Pick-Up day?
Please set aside an hour for orientation on your new J-Drop Camper. We will guide you through the features and details of your J-Drop Camper, as well as help to ensure your hitch is correct and all set for the adventures that lay ahead.


Towing & Electrical

Are J-Drops easy to tow?
J-Drop Campers are light and maneuverable and with an unleaded weight of 600kgs it is easy to hitch and move around. 

What do I need on my car for towing?
J-Drop Campers are designed for a standard tow bar and 7 pin connector.

How is my J-Drop powered?
All our J-Drop Campers are independently powered with a onboard battery and a solar panel. Internal and external lights, fridge, water pump, USB ports and cigarette lighter outlets are all powered and accessible. Shore power connection is also an option.

Will my J-Drop be warranted and registered?
Yes. All J-Drop Campers come with a current WOF and 6 month Registration.


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