The J-Drop

Cool & compact with stylish lines & features.

A cool retro teardrop design with modern features. Made with care that will keep you cool in summer and warm and dry in winter. This teardrop is easy to tow and will go anywhere your vehicle will. Available in many colours with resolute and stylish powdercoated aluminium sides and top.

  • Cabin Size: L2.6M x W1.4M x H1.2M 
  • Overall Length: 3.4M (back of cabin to end of draw bar)
  • Height: 1.65M (Ground to top)
  • Interior Floor Space: 1.88M x 1.36M
  • Interior Space Height: 1.1M
  • Unloaded Weight: 600Kgs
  • Can carry 1500kgs

Design you own

Different colour? Added extras?
Your J-Drop Camper can be as individual as you.


The J-Drop Camper sits on a 3.15m custom made trailer. Complete with Jockey wheel, spring suspension and hot dip galvanised. This J-Drop is a highway cruiser - easy to tow and a real eye catcher. 

14 Inch tyres with Atlas rims are standard. Look good - lasts a long time.

Powdercoated Aluminium panels cover the sides and top keeping the interior warm in winter and cool in summer. With a massive range of powdercoated colours you can choose your colour palette. 

Check out the Dulux Pacific Gold colour range here


Great care has been put into the design of the kitchen. 

With a large benchtop and plenty of storage you'll have plenty of room to prepare a meal. The kitchen is designed with a slide out burner stove and electric cooler in mind - and comes with a built in plumbed sink. Everything you need for a cup of tea to a hot meal. 

Birch select wood panel finish and colourful bench top comes standard. 

The design called for style and practicality - and that's what you get.

Check out the Laminex benchtop colour range here:


A cosy comfortable space with plenty of room to breathe and stretch out. 

The J-Drop Camper has been designed to use U.S made Challenger doors - these doors come with vertical sliding tinted window with screen, travel trailer latch, drip cap and interior trim ring. Lockable secure doors on both sides of camper. 

The inner sprung mattress has been chosen for maximum comfort so you get a great night's sleep. With a wood paneling finish this space looks good and is secure.


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